“Thank you soooo much Dr. Neuhaus for saving my marriage! I had been banished to the guest room due to my heavy snoring. I had no idea that I also had sleep apnea! You sent me home with a simple sleep test machine which confirmed that I was actually NOT BREATHING for almost half the night! Now that you provided me with a very comfortable and inconspicuous oral appliance, not only do I breath normally all night, giving me a very ref reshing sleep, but I no longer snore! I can finally move back into my bedroom with my husband. He thanks you too, by the way!”

– Christine B.

“I’m finally out of the “snoring bedroom” and back in the arms of my wife, thanks to you Dr. Neuhaus. I can’t thank you enough for providing me with an oral appliance which I actually can wear every night. I was given a CPAP many years ago, but never wore it. It was just too cumbersome, made me feel claustrophobic, and was a hassle to prepare and keep clean. I thought I was banished for life into the “snoring bedroom”. You’ve made me a happy man again!”

– Phil R.

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