Testing For Sleep Apnea

Apnea Link Sleep Apnea is diagnosed by a physical examination by your dentist or physician who will review your symptoms and will provide an overnight sleep test, usually by means of a Home Sleep Test (HST) (see diagram) in the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom. This test will monitor your breathing and blood oxygen levels all night long while you sleep, and Watch Patthen will be read and interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Physician, who will determine the final diagnosis of Sleep Apnea or Primary Snoring. Most MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANIES (not Dental), including Medicare, will cover this test 100%. In case you do not have medical insurance, or you have one of the oddballs that will not cover it 100%, Dr. Neuhaus feels so strongly about the deleterious effects of this disease on your entire body both physically and mentally, that he will personally make the test available to you at no more than the cost of a simple dental cleaning.

If your Home Sleep Test (HST) shows that you suffer from SEVERE Sleep Apnea, and you have other comorbidities such as heart disease, hypertension, history of stroke, diabetes, etc, you will then most likely be directed to have a Polysomnography Test (PSG) conducted in a nearby Sleep Lab where you would spend the night in a private hotel-like room, and your breathing would be monitored and recorded by a Respiratory Technician. This test is also covered by most medical insurance companies.

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